I have had some amazing experiences with some amazing women lately, and I want to take a moment to raise these sisters up!!


Simran has been instrumental in my transformation. I began payment plans on a soul blueprint activation and was then awarded a scholarship for her 1:1 coaching program, Rise. Simran’s guidance and support are irreplaceable. My spirituality and practice have made quantum leaps since working with her. I also support Simran on Patreon where she teaches and does readings. There’s one meditation, in particular, that was so moving, I listen to it multiple times a week. Simran is also a bitching artist and light code worker.

Simran’s Website 
Simran’s Patreon 
Simran’s Art 


Je Tuan Jones has been slaying it on Facebook, her membership site and group, and Patreon. The session I initially had with her was transformational for me in healing past lives and ancestral wounds. I shed so much after that session with Je Tuan. I signed up for her Patreon and support her there. The value and education I receive are amazing. I also just joined her Divine Spark Academy membership group that includes The Anxious Entrepreneur Chamber. I am so excited to dig into it!

Je Tuan Jones
Je Tuan’s Patreon
Divine Spark Academy


I had the most beautiful experience with my angel reading from Jeanne-Marie. In my reading, I was taken on a vivid journey of a past life one of my angels wanted to show me. Jeanne-Marie was incredibly descriptive and I could see clearly throughout the reading. I was impacted greatly and have connected with the guide that came through from Jeanne-Marie. I was brought to tears multiple times not just by the impact of the reading, but how Jeanne-Marie asserted how special and loved I am. I felt a true heart connection with Jeanne-Marie during my reading, and have taken what I learned into my daily life.

Jeanne-Marie’s Services


Caitlin Hefner has allowed me to unpack so much with her. Having Caitlin as a sounding board allows me to examine myself and my ego without judgment. I recently had a Pay What You Can session with Caitlin and she kicked my booty with the most compassion and sincerity to look at my gear of success. Caitlin was able to help me look at my shadow without judgment and ask the hard questions I needed to be asked.

Caitlin Hefner


Ashley Holley, the owner of Simply Magic, is a part of my home base women’s circle. She tolerates my texts asking for specific crystals and all the stories I have to tell her. She has taught me so much about fossils, rocks, and the Ohio riverbed. Ashley also taught me to embrace water again at creek gatherings. Her soul is gentle, and all her crystals feel cleansed by her calm and peaceful energy.

Simply Magic 


Mo has been an amazing friend, confidante, and I have loved working with her. She’s done an amazing job working on bits an pieces of my website aka magical web home. I am so excited to have her redo my whole website in the next few months!! She is an amazing human being, magical, and intuitive. Her web design work is amazing.

Mo Illuminated