I have been creating spells in a jar since 2012, and they are one of the most fulfilling gifts I create. I recently launched my Spells in a Jar store.

Spell Jars come with two herbs, four crystals, a chime candle, and instructions for herbs + crystal grid and how to use what is in the jar for creating your own spells. The jars are 4 oz. Each jar contains enough spell supplies for multiple spells.

Each jar is created as a ritual, and I infused everything with energy. My process is lush, positive, and co-created with source. You may find additional supplies in your jar depending on the ritual process and what I receive from Spirit. Your herbs, crystals, and candle will arrive already charged and ready to use, but feel free to use any preparation method you like.

Money Spells in a Jar contains:

1oz of dried white sage
1oz of energy infused dried mint – grown in my personal garden, hand harvested and dried
2 energy infused citrine points
2 energy infused adventuring crystals
1 charged green spell candle
Instructions with descriptions for all spell items, purposes, how to use them, crystal grid suggestions, and other tips on how to customize your spell work

Supplies: mint, sage, white sage, citrine, aventurine, spell candle, chime candle

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Hi! I’m Victoria. I’ve been practicing witchcraft since the early 2000s, and am passionate about teaching herbology, modern witchcraft, spellcrafting, and energy work.

I run a witchy blog and offer readings, but something was missing. I am my happiest when I’m creating and sharing magic. I’ve created Spells in a Jar for many friends and clients, but I know so many more people can benefit from them. They include a mix of herbs, crystals, candles, instructions, and more.

Spells in a Jar are my signature item here, but I also co-create energy infused crystal jewelry, hand embroidered crystal grids, magical art, and whatever strikes my fancy to make.


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