Spring Equinox is here! In the Pagan tradition, Spring represents Maiden Energy. The Winter we just had was ROUGH for a lot of people. We were in crone energy. Many of us were introspective and going through a lot of shadow work. We were unpacking heavy stuff in every area of our lives. Almost a “pre-spring cleaning” or clearing of energies. Earth Magic is the first step to working your own magic. It’s easier to work Universal/Source Energy, once you have a good grasp of Earth Magic.
This Spring, I’m going to be focusing on Maiden Energy. The Maiden is about a spiritual awakening and the excitement behind learning and doing all the new things. We’re beginning to find our paths to spiritual maturity and maturity in a lot of other ways. The maiden is also enchanted by the changes around her, and filled with an inner-awe.

Spring Equinox Rituals

For Equinoxes and Solstices, I like to do rituals. The energy of the season change is still potent for both 2 days before the date of celebration and 2 days after, similar to moon phases. This is important to mention because sometimes I honor the fact that I just don’t have the energy to do much and need some self-care, whatever that looks like.
For the Spring Equinox, here’s a breakdown of my Ritual. There are many ways to do rituals. This ritual is geared towards calling in what I want for the Spring, and focusing on new beginnings. I’m using Rose Quartz for love and healing, Sunstone for washing away the Crone Season, Amethyst for Spirituality, Lapis Lazuli for Third Eye Growth, Black Tourmaline for Grounding, Petrified Wood for spinal health and grounding, and Pyrite for wealth.
I’ll also be making some magic infused crystal jewelry with the energy of the Equinox! All this magic and energy helps me to attract the things I’m calling in for this Spring. I want to honor the youthfulness, excitement, and possibilities that are coming this Spring.