It’s the day before the Tarot and Oracle for Journaling 5 Day Challenge starts, so I wanted to share a sample of what the challenge will be like! This is free to access for everyyyyyone, my gift to you. <3 We’re starting off with the Death/Rebirth Tarot card.

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I used the Dreams of Gaia deck for today.

VIII: Death/Rebirth Tarot Card

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the sample card is about new beginnings. Tarot and Oracle as journaling tools have created a catalyst for me. When I use the cards to journal for the day, I am examining my shadow self.

Death/Rebirth represents endings, beginnings, cycles, transformation, transmutation, change, growth, shedding your skin, changing your attitude, and gradual processes. I’m currently experiencing rebirth and the growing pains are strong. What has helped is remembering the rebirth or awakening is gradual.

Remember to honor yourself. Take time to rest and integrate. Although I’m sitting at the awakening end of this spectrum, I’m just now coming out of a deep and severe six-month episode of depression.

This card symbolizes that as a collective consciousness we are beginning to shed our egos and shadow sides. Examine with curiosity and honor where you’re at on the Death/Rebirth spectrum. The dark can’t live without the light and if you’re on the death side of the spectrum still, remember “this too shall pass.” What you’re feeling right now is not the way you’ll feel forever, hang in there.

Journaling Prompts:

Where am I on the journey of the Death/Rebirth spectrum?

Have I been honoring where I’m at?

Am I actively examining my shadow self? How can my life improve by journaling with tarot and oracle cards?

How can I assist others that are on this path?

Am I resentful towards either side of the Death/Rebirth spectrum? Why?

You’ve done an amazing job looking deeper at yourself. You have honored where you’re at to take this time for yourself and your growth. You’re amazing!

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