Today is the first day of the Transformational Positivity Summit by Michelle Lewis. I am so excited because I’m part of this incredible summit designed to help you find more positivity in your life.

But it’s not just plain old positivity. This isn’t one of those “fake it till you make it” or “just think positive” situations where we’re just going to try to get you to pretend your way into more positivity. You could get that anywhere.

The Transformational Positivity Summit is about REAL positivity – the kind that comes from healing and transforming the things that create your negativity: shame, self-sabotage, body image issues, and a general lack of love for yourself. We’ll be talking about the reality behind negativity and how to transform that into true positivity.

I am one of 24 incredible, amazing women who share their stories in this summit. We share our stories and offer our guidance to help you find your way to a more authentically positive life.

In addition to me, you’ll hear from: Tanya Markul, Dianne Bondy, Linda Joy, Kim Fuller, Dr. Debra Reble, Nicole Lewis-Keeber, Dr. Colleen Georges, Sarah Liddle, Bryna Haynes, Stacy Nai, Tamar Gail, Tracy Neely, Nikki Brown, Dumari St. Angelo, Erin Smandych, Mal Duane, Kelley Grimes, Marcia Mariner, Randi Johnsen, Christine Marie, Angele Cristina, Christina Mathewson, and Annie Vonheim.

This is a completely FREE event. You can choose to purchase it for $97 and get some extra goodies, but signing up is free and has the power to change your life.

The summit takes place from today, February 25, through March 8, 2019. You’ll get an email each day filled with videos and information to help you create the authentically positive life you dream of.

Sign up here and let me and 23 other empowering women help you get started down the path to a life filled with authentic positivity and the life you’ve always dreamed of.