There have been a lot of people talking about abundance and using that in terms of like, abundance of money and having abundant money energy and surrounding themselves with that. But I want to do is to get back to the basics. What is Abundance? What does that mean? You hear abundance and you think, “it’s a lot of” or “there’s a large amount of.”

So when you think of abundance of money or abundance of love, you think there’s a whole lot of love, there’s a whole lot of money, right? And we just have it kind of limited to this quantified response. So I want to talk about understanding fully and truly what abundance is, so that you can apply it when you’re working on abundance of money and abundance of love. So this is going to be all about what is abundance?

When you take a breath in, you don’t have these thoughts of, “what if I don’t get enough oxygen?” “What if the air that I’m breathing doesn’t connect to my brain and give it the oxygen that it needs to keep me alive?” “What if my next breath in doesn’t come and I die, right?” We don’t have those kind of thoughts because with something so simple as breath, we do it constantly.

We’re doing it every single second of every single day. It’s automatic. It’s already happening. With breath, we know, without a doubt, that we’re gonna be able to pull another breath, we’re gonna be able to take in oxygen, right? And breathe out carbon dioxide and it’s the process of this universal thing that we as humans do. We breathe. It is a part of our being. It doesn’t matter, and also with breath specifically, it doesn’t have anything to do with worth. It doesn’t. Breath doesn’t decide whether you’re worthy of it or not. You are human, you are being, you deserve breath.

It’s the exact same thing with abundance. The idea of abundance is that it’s already there. There’s no question about it, there’s no doubt about it. You know that it is yours. You know that you already have it. You know that over analyzing it, it serves no purpose. It serves no purpose. Abundance is knowing that it’s going, not even knowing that it’s going to come, because it’s already there. It is there. We don’t think about, is my breath gonna be there in five seconds, it’s already there, it’s there. We are designed as humans to breathe for the entirety of our lives. It’s already there. It’s ours.

So with that idea of abundance, know that it’s yours. There’s no question about it, there’s no worthiness attached to it, there isn’t a matter of whether you deserve it or not. It’s yours. Simply because you are. Simply because you exist. Abundance is yours.

When you take that new meaning of abundance and you apply it to money abundance or love abundance or healing abundance, ability abundance, you know, I am an abundant being. I have an abundancy of all of these different things and it’s beautiful and it’s mine because I am. Because I exist. Because I am a worldly soul that exists in a human body and this is how we’re designed to be. To breathe. To have abundance, it’s ours.

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