What if:

💜 you had an amazing spiritual connection and understood your gifts + personal practice?

💙 you had a sacred container to talk about your fears and loves, someone who listened with love and helped you find your own intuition?

💚 your heart felt like it would burst from gratitude, joy, peace, bliss, and love?

💛 you had confidence in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self? What if you owned your full unlimited power?!

🧡 you could Co-create anything you want using manifestation, science, and the law of attraction (without being a jerk)?

❤️ you had a STRONG, STABLE foundation to build your best life on?

4 weeks. Me + You. We’ll get your spiritual toolkit ready, set goals, and crush them. Pay in full for $444 or pm me for payment plans. We will MAKE IT WERK.

Here’s what you get:

❤️ weekly 30 minute call with yours truly

🧡 unlimited voxer support during office hours

💛 weekly tarot pulls and reports SPECIFICALLY for your energy

💚 intuitively selected crystal in the mail for you to work with during our time together

💙 goal setting and a practical structure with applicable guidance to crush those goals

💜 personalized magic, rituals, spells, and energy work

🖤 SPIRIT MESSAGESSSSSS – I get a lot of information on people or messages from their guides that I don’t share because I wasn’t invited to work w them in that capacity When we work together, you’ll hear all these messages.

I have space left for three magic makers in May 2019. 😍💫 Is that you?! Email or message me for payment plans 😘