What If:

You weren’t afraid of magic?
You could own AND use your magic?
You had results from YOUR magic?
You felt secure about “being a witch?”

Journaling Prompts for Inner Witch Shadow Work

These witchy journaling prompts and shadow work questions will help you deepen your understanding of what a witch really is. After completing these free prompts, you will be able to:
– Define any blocks you have
– Identify and articulate why magic is important to you
– Understand your witch magic
– Learn how to deepen your magical practice
– Unpack your thoughts on which gods/goddesses you follow and why
– Step into your powerful magic and OWN IT
  1. What does being a witch mean to me?
  2. Why is that important?
  3. What are things I do that are “witchy”?
  4.  What does “Earth Magic” mean?
  5. Am I connected to Earth Magic?

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PSSSSSSS : Want to dive deeper into this? I’m in the middle of launching a 6 week Embrace Your Inner Witch course! We get started August 1 2019 <3