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6 weekly modules on the following topics:

 Energetic Body (Aura + Chakras)

You will feel secure in your knowledge of how energy works and different energy bodies within you. You will have the foundational knowledge of the energetic system to begin learning to heal and help ourselves and others. Learning to identify and balance these areas will bring peace and harmony into your life. Even if you experience difficulties, you will be able to face the storm with faith + knowing how to nurture yourself

 Grounding Through Gaia

Learn multiple practices in using earth and elemental energy to ground through Gaia. Create a solid foundation of grounding so that you are present and calm in every moment. Learn how to share energy with Gaia, transmute through Gaia, and recharge through Gaia. You will learn multiple techniques that are practical and can become second nature while going throughout your day.

 Healing with Energy

Use your knowledge of the energetic body and advance it by learning how to send balance + healing to these energy centers. Learn how to call in guides to assist you and which healing energies you can work with. Learn additional energy centers and techniques to allow you to transmute energy that no longer serves you with ease.

 Cultivating a relationship with plant medicine

Work closely with herbs + plants to create a relationship with each individual plant. Learn about plant spirits and how to interact with them. Gain a complete foundational knowledge of how basic plants + herbs can assist you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Learn how to work with herbs, plants, essential oils, gardening, and cultivating relationships with these plant energies. Create a personal ritual with plant medicine.

 Spell Crafting + Magic

Gain confidence when it comes to working with tools for spells and using energy as spells. Learn the basics of crystals, setting an altar, candle magic, and other simple rituals that you can integrate into your life. Feel comfortable being led by your intuition to create a sacred space and place of transformation. We will also go through basic meditation skills.

Integration + Creating Personal Ritual

Tie all the skills you have learned together into creating a solid magical foundation and faith for you to live your best life possible. Learn journaling and reflection techniques, as well as how to create a book of shadows or energy work journal. Feel condfident in your ability to do small things on a regular basis that add up to huge magical shifts in your life.

Each Module will consist of:

 1 video training

 weekly email check-ins

 Journaling prompts

 Tarot spread to assist in reflection and integration

Pay in full pre-launch : $444 (before July 1 2019)
Pay in full during launch : $555 (July 1 2019 and after)

Paying in full comes with the EPIC bonus of additional 1:1 psychic support FOR FREE (worth $333). I’m offering this bonus for the pre-launch pay in full as well 

Payment plan pre-launch : 3 bi-weekly payments of $188 (before July 1)
Payment plan during launch : 3 bi-weekly payments of $222

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