Nature Medicine: Heal your inner Te Fiti

If you’ve seen the movie Moana you’ll remember Te Fiti the Goddess of Earth and Life who when her heart, a green crystal, is stolen turns into the dark fiery Teka who is destroying the land and people.

This is the perfect example of who we are.

We are all Goddesses but when we are out of balance or alignment we can quickly turn into Teka and burn everyone around us, including ourselves, to ash.

If you are a mom, you know when you ask your kids to clean up the mess all over the living room for the hundredth time and they either tell you they are busy right now or just don’t even hear you because they are so involved in what they are doing? That’s it. The heart falls out and Teka emerges taking down everything in her path including her spouse that just walked in the room totally unaware of what’s headed his or her way.  

Or you’ve been creating something for your business and just keep hitting one roadblock after another. The ideas aren’t flowing. It’s like they’ve all dried up.

You are tired of not being able to fully Express your feelings and communicate what you need. In fact, you can’t find the words because YOU don’t even know what the hell is going on in your own head. You are extremely emotional and it feels like everyone just thinks you are crazy.

You see we, human beings, ARE nature.
We are made up of all of the different Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. We would not exist without them physically or spiritually.

So, when one or more of our Elements are out of alignment it creates a breakdown in the energy cycle. Our emotions go wild and, if not re-balanced, here comes Teka…

If you are ready to heal your inner Goddess it all starts with understanding and creating balance with the Elements you are made up of… Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

You will feel your roots nestled deep into the Earth and if they start to come loose you will have the tools to reground yourself.

You will open up an amazing flow of ideas, creativity, intuition, understanding, and harmony. You’ll better understand where your feelings and emotions are coming from. You will become better at adapting to changes and will have more compassion for others.

Communication with your loved ones or coworkers will be easier because you will now be able to communicate with yourself on a much deeper cellular level. Awareness of your deep connections with every living being around you will be dialed in… this is what I call having a unity consciousness.

We, as a society, desperately need to nurture our relationships with ourselves and all of the beings around us.

We are all part of one big web of life so having that unity consciousness is crucial to healing our civilization and our beautiful planet.

The first step is to heal and realign ourselves.

If you are ready I would love for you to be in my energy and to take you on a journey into understanding yours!

This is going to be a beautiful journey of transformation and I am grateful to be able to support you in it.

This will be a group course that will be held inside a private Facebook group starting June 14th.

Early Bird price $233

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Kelli L. Stewart – Mystik Mama

Empowerment Coach for the Woman who wants to lead her family with strength, trust, and intuition.

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