Energetic Body Livestream Training and Challenge!

I am so excited for my livestream training and challenge starting tomorrow in my Facebook Group : The Quantum Witches Circle

We’ll spend three days exploring the basics of the energetic body and energy centers. This is a foundational challenge and training fit for the beginner or the experienced practitioner looking to solidify their foundation and revisit the basics. 💜

This Wednesday through Friday, I’ll go live at 12pm EST in my facebook group The Quantum Witches Circle

After each livestream, I’ll have a pdf workbook + journaling prompts dropped in the Units section along with the videos. I would love to see this challenge get interactive so I encourage you to participate and share in the group!

Day one : The energetic body > How energy works and moves

Day two : Energy wheels and the lower energy centers focusing on foundation, creativity, and confidence

Day three : Energy wheels and the higher energy centers focusing on love, truth/expression, perception, and spiritual connection

I can’t wait to see you there!